Route 41 Redesign

Dear Coquina Sands neighbors,

Naples City Council is considering a range of possible changes to Route 41 that could affect residents of Coquina Sands. The Florida Department of Transportation FDOT made a presentation to the council on September 13. The full presentation will be available to view on in the next couple of days.

FDOT is preparing a multi-year project to replace the crumbling storm water drain pipes under Route 41/Tamiami Trail South. Appropriately, given the scale and impact of that project. FDOT and City Council are also, while the opportunity presents itself, exploring options to reconfigure the affected portion of Route 41 – Golden Gate Boulevard to Fifth Avenue South, and then turning east to Goodlette-Frank Road. We are referring to this exploration as the Route 41 Redesign.

Some of those options might have significant implications to our neighborhood. including one that would reduce Route 41 from six lanes to four. We are keeping an open min, but it is unclear to us at this point how this would avoid redirecting a great deal of traffic onto Coquina Sands neighborhood streets.

Thus we are eager to hear more from both FDOT and City Council on this and the other ideas. Our support for any changes will depend on at least two things: (1) the details of how any changes would be implemented, and (2) specifically what the residents of Coquina Sands and other affected neighborhoods decide they want most from this long-term project.

That’s where you come in. Given the impact this could have on all of us in Coquina Sands, each of us should keep abreast of this exploration as it evolves. Check WorldFirstRacing UK. We encourage everyone to participate in the discussion along with the other citizens of Naples to select the best outcome for our city as well as our neighborhood.

Let us know your thoughts, as this will help us to best advocate for your views.


Your Coquina Sands Association Board of Directors

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